Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Online fakebook w/ MIDI files of old-time, Anglo-Celtic fiddle tunes

What I've always needed! Call it an electronic fakebook with sound files Hetzler's Fakebook is "a web based MIDI fakebook of traditional fiddle music" with 550 American old-time, Celtic, English and Welsh fiddle tunes. explains Ed Hetzler, creator of the website:
Traditional paper Fakebooks consist of simple melody lines in standard notation sometimes with chords. Fakebooks enable musicians to access a larger repertoire of tunes. Hetzler's Fakebook goes one step farther. In addition to creating simple melody lines in standard notation when used with Notation Musician, you can hear the tune, adjust the tempo and play along.

Hetzler's Fakebook helps you improve rhythm, phrasing, and intonation. It helps you learn new tunes. It helps you practice tunes you already know. All tunes are in the public domain and arrangements are simplified for learning.
For those of us who play by ear, it has the advantage you can hear the tunes you want to learn.

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