Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'Jenny Jenkins' - notes filed here so I don't lose them again

Found in my copy of Betty Smith's "Jane Hicks Gentry: A Singer Among Singers," a version I scribbled out that combines Gentry's (p. 198) with the version in "Folk Songs of Middle Tennessee: The George Boswell Collection," ed. Charles Wolfe (pp.69-71) and, of course, Jerry Garcia's and David Grisman's (guitar tab in D at http://jerrygarciatabs.googlepages.com/jennyjenkins). If you want to hear them noodling endlessly on "Jenny Jenkins," the Jerry Radio website at http://www.jerryradio.com/ has a download available of outtakes from a National Public Radio broadcast in September 1993.

To write out my version:
I'll buy me a double of a
Girly whirly silk
To wear with my old gingham britches.
And here's a YouTube clip from Jean Ritchie's DVD "Mountain Born" improvising on what I consider the festival version ... the one that Garcia and Grisman also recorded. Priceless.

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