Thursday, June 17, 2010

Link to RTÉ podcasts on Thomas Moore's art songs

Aired in April 2009 on RTÉ lyric fm, My Gentle Harp. ["The Legacy" at 23 minutes.] Here's the blurb:
My Gentle Harp
A new six-part series celebrating Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies which were first published 200 years ago. Twenty-one of Ireland's finest young singers feature in the recently recorded world-premiere archive of all 124 songs and Fiona Kelly talks to some of the people involved in the recordings, as well as to poet Seamus Heaney and Moore's most recent biographer, Ronan Kelly.
Episodes are 1 hour each, apparently beginning w/ news on the hour. First one led with the World Health Organization's response to the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico and the U.S., which

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