Friday, May 11, 2012

"Ain't I Glad I Got Out of the Wilderness" - played by Michigan troops in Civil War Ida C. Brown, "Michigan Men in the Civil War" Introduction: Subject Guides and Indexes, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan Frequently at the end of a march a new camp was set up, the men working "very briskly . . . levelling the ground, felling trees, putting up tents, digging wells [and] building log huts." Quite as frequently before the day was ended an order came "to strike tents and be ready to move in two hours." At the end of the two hours "the tents were down [the men] were on the move again, the band playing 'Ain't I glad to get out of the wilderness.'" Perhaps at the end of this march no camp was built. The men spread their blankets on the ground for the night but not sleeping, as one soldier said, "until we had told so many stories and joked, so much that I nearly laughed myself to death."

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