Sunday, January 27, 2013

A book on Swedish hymnody and folk music to track down on interlibrary loan - and an academic website on Swedish folk music

Title: The Influence of Folk-music and the Romantic Movement on Swedish Hymnody
Author: Edith Duff Miller
Publisher: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1948
Length: 154 pages

Entry on a Google Books page/

Plenty of good information on Umeå Akademiska Kör pages - Course leader and musical instructor Örjan Larsson of the Department of Aesthetics, Faculty of Teacher Education, Umeå University, has a big data base with PDF files of the melodies and MIDI files of a large number of Swedish folk tunes. Some hymn variants.

Other resources on Larsson's faculty website: Composer bibliograhy (links). Thoughts about music. Thoughts about folk music with Swedish music examples (MP3-files). A personal collection of Swedish folkmusic (NWC-, MIDI- and PDF-files). Early Music Map which covers composer bibliography, discography, sheet links (MIDI and PDF-files) and performing examples (MP3-files). Sing á la Renaissance - an example of amateur ensemble singing at home (MP3-files). Early Music Examples and Folk-Music Examples discussed during the courses in Medieval and Renaissance Ensemble Singing and Folk Music Ensemble Singing, respectively (password protected MP3-files).

A selection of links to music-data-bases and choir home-pages containing MIDI-, PDF-, NWC- and MP3-files with choral music.

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