Sunday, September 01, 2013

Carl Michael Bellman - Fredmans Sång 21 [Så lunka vi småningom / Away We Trot] in Swedish and English

One of Bellman's best and, I think, most accessible to modern listeners. Learnable. Playable [in D for dulcimer no less]. And lyrics available translated into English!

Bellmann by Thord Lindè - Fredmans sång Nr.21.MP4. Från fantastiskt Bellman-konsert på vackra Nyckelviksdagen 4.September 2011 med Thord Lindé och Bacci Blåsare, uppfört i Billardhuset.på Stora Nyckelvikens herrgård. Text för sången kan efterläst i Bellman-sidan:

... där också finns information om Thord Lindé. [Wild mike and mannered performance but nice ambience.]

Fredmans Sång 21 (Så lunka vi Småningom). Very nice duet in Swedish:

Martin Best - Away We Trot, Song 21 Bellman in English. Martin Best sings the "Away We Trot" in English (Songs of Fredman no 21 (original title: "Fredmans sång No 21" written by the Swedish poet and composer Carl Michael Bellman(1740-1795)

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Forcystus85 3 months ago
I want the lyrics for this!!

Gunvor Gördel 3 months ago
Away we trot, soon, ev'ryone from this our noisy bacchanal, when death calls out: "Good neighbour, come, this hour-glass, friend, is full!" Old fellow, let thy crutches be, thou youngster, too, my law obey, the sweetest nymph who smiles on thee, shall take thine arm today! Is the grave too deep? Then take a sip! Raise the brimming goblet to thy lip! Yet a sip! Ditto one, ditto two, ditto three... then die contentedly!
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[adds three more verses]

Forcystus85 3 months ago
Excellent! Many thanks!
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