Friday, January 24, 2014

Stig Wallin, Die Schwedische Hummel available on line (also an article on the nose flute -- Mike Anderson's fans take note)! ** UPDATED 1x ** w/ links to Mike's Winter Weekend in Chillicothe

Wallin's book is 123 pages long, with pictures, for those of us who have limited knowledge of German, beginning at p. 106 and transcriptions of Otto Malmberg's tunes at the very end. It's downloadable from a Wordpress blog called Ethnomusicology for all of our music at

The website describes itself as: "Some good reading suggestions on the subject of ethnomusicology. Old and new. To those of you with similar material – share." ( Journal articles and monographs, mostly in Russian (well, a Cyrillic language at any rate), with several in Swedish, German, Polish and English. One on "the Baltic Psaltry," which I take without reading it to be the kantelle and similar northern European folk zithers.

Multi-instrumentalist Mike Anderson's students and fans no doubt will be interested in Ernst Emsheimer and Cajsa Lund, Björnflockpipa och nässelpipa: Två traditionella folkliga blåsinstrument. It's not a word that has come up yet in the teach-yourself-Swedish book I'm working through this winter, but I'm pretty sure a nässelpipa would be a nose flute.

So, with apologies to Shakespeare, how's this for a bitterly cold January morning?

What's in a name? that which we call a nose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

Speaking of Mike Anderson, his Winter Weekend mountain dulcimer retreat is coming up next month ... Friday evening, Feb. 21; all day Saturday, Feb. 22; and Sunday morning, Feb. 23. It's $155 for intensive lessons with Mike and nationally regarded players Linda Brockinton (intermediate) and Maureen Sellers (novice) -- discounted to $145 if you register in the coming week, before Friday, Jan. 31 -- more information on Mike's website at

Chillicothe is on the Illinois River 15 or 20 miles north of Peoria (depending on whether you take Ill. 29 up from downtown Peoria or follow the bypass around on I-474 and Ill. 6 to Ill. 29 at Mossville). Some of us have stayed at the Super 8 motel on Ill. 29, and there are others in the area (to find motels, Google keywords "Chillicothe IL motels" and click on the map).

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