Sunday, February 02, 2014

Robin Clark of Bird Rock Dulcimers demonstrates Ed Thomas replica dulcimer, advanced noter techniques


Ed Thomas Replica Mountain Dulcimer - 30 Mar 12.wmv. Published on Mar 30, 2012. A short video of my new Ed Thomas (1850-1933) replica dulcimer made by John Knopf of Westmoreland, Michigan. This is an exact replica of a poplar wood Ed Thomas and here I compare it to a contemporary mountain dulcimer. John Knopf has done a wonderful job of making this rustic, traditional instrument the way that ED Thomas made his. The body is a lot smaller narrower that you see on contemporary dulcimers, and this has the effect of making the tone brighter. The instrument has a surprising amount of resonance and volume - I can feel it vibrating through the noter and on my legs as I play it.

Mountain Dulcimer advanced noter techniques.

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