Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Liz Green "Sisters of Mercy"

One of the tracks on MoJo CD Leonard Cohen Covered Audio on soundcloud.com ... very striking accompaniment on keyboard.

Audio here: Sisters Of Mercy (Liz Green)

Posted by Peter Wrench in a review of Cohen's CD Old Ideas on the No Depression website:
For me, the best Cohen cover ever is still REM's storming take on 'First We Take Manhattan', and there's nothing quite in that league here. But honorable mentions in particular for Liz Green's intelligent rethinking of 'Sisters Of Mercy' to a piano accompaniment; Bill Callahan's questing stab at 'So Long Marianne'; and Diagrams' transformed - and lovely - 'Famous Blue Raincoat' And I was particularly taken by the Miserable Rich's version of 'The Stranger Song', after thinking I was going to hate it when it started. ...
Wrench's bottom line: "So, well worth a listen. Think of it as a CD for £4.50 with a free magazine and you'll even persuade yourself you're getting a bargain."

Liz Green playing keyboard ... accompanying herself on "French Singer." Cuts off abruptly, but there's another clip with the whole song (but terrible lighting and shot from behind so you can't see her). Sort of an ostinato accompaniment.

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