Sunday, April 29, 2012

"The Regular Army O" - Harrigan and Branham

A very early Broadway show tune with lyrics by Edward Harrigan and music by David Braham, in 1874 before the theaters on Broadway in lower Manhattan were known as "Broadway." Became a favorite of regular army troops, who wrote some of their own lyrics to it. (See the thread DTStudy: The Regular Army, O (Harrigan & Braham) on Mudcat Cafe. Chorus ends: "... The drums they roll, upon my soul, for that's the way we go / Forty miles a day on beans and hay in the Regular Army, Oh."

YouTube has Molly's Revenge A Regular Army O (beginning at 2:21). At the Performing Arts Center of Pacific Grove< Calif., during the November 2011 Celtic Winter's Eve.

Sheet music (in F# minor?) in Levy collection at Johns Hopkins. ABC file in A (= F#m?) at ...

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