Friday, October 04, 2013

"Where the Notes are on a Dulcimer" -- revised tip sheet for Clayville

Blast email sent out to my Clayville Pioneer Academy of Music list this morning ...
Hi everybody --

Last night I sent out a tip sheet for beginners titled "Where the Notes are on a Dulcimer," and I should have proof-read it one more time! So if you printed it out, please throw out the hard copy. And if you haven't yet, please delete it. There's a pretty egregious error in it, and I'm attaching herewith a revised copy.

(I won't tell you what the error was. When I wrote for newspapers, I learned to *never* repeat the error when I was writing a correction. But if it were left uncorrected, it would have you playing in something called the "mixolydian mode." I love mixolydian tunes, and I'm fascinated with modal harmony. But we don't need to get into it in a tip sheet for beginners!)

So here's the revised version of "Where the Notes are on a Dulcimer." Basically it shows you how to find the different notes of a D major scale on a mountain dulcimer. Since I tend to lose handouts or stick them in the wrong bookbag when I'm headed out to a jam session, I've also scanned it and posted the JPEG to my blog ...

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