Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Danny Boy" -- links, lyrics and YouTube videos of a classic for Saturday's session at Clayville

Today's blast email to Clayville Pioneer Academy of Music and Prairieland Strings lists.

We've been looking for lead sheets and copyright-free dulcimer tablature for "Danny Boy" lately, and I think I've found something we can play (with the usual revisions and general noodling around) at our sessions. A version of Clapton's song chart and chords in D is available on line, along with other lead sheets and tablature. Here are links to:

As usual, we'll probably have to do a little adjusting to make the hot-off-the-internet arrangements work together.

A couple of YouTube Clips:

Eric Clapton -- finger-style acoustic guitar:

John McDermott, the Scottish-Canadian baritone -- a cappella:

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