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Misc. notes -- Ellertsen Schade Walther family geneology


Vallø Salt Works

At Tønsberg (Wikipedia -- on west side of Oslofjord, opposite area around Sarpsborg, etc.

description of Tonsberg in Norway: illustrated handbook for travellers, by Christian Tønsberg (Tønsberg, 1875) Google Books.

"Half a mile from Tönsberg are the VALLÖ SALT WORKS, established 1738, and worked at the expense of the government till the year 1813; they have many years been abandoned. A Glass Work is now established here." (183)

Gives history of the town, (pop. 5,000 in 1875; 41,239 today) said to be oldest in Norway, ment. in historical records as early as Harald Haarfagre's reign.


Vallø Museum og omegn historielag (museum) - Tønsberg

"Not just a local salt works. It was the Nordic, and it was royalty. - Salt Administration on Vallø was in operation from 1739 to 1853. But it really began operations .. "

GoNorway profile of Tønsberg

Tønsberg, founded in the Viking-Ages, is Norway´s oldest town (celebrating it´s 1125-year jubilee in 1996). The world renowned Oseberg ship which was found just north of Tønsberg centre bears proof of this. In the Middle Ages Tønsberg was one of the centres of power. Tunsberghus, the churches and monasteries and the Earldom of Jarlsberg, have influenced Tønsberg which was, until 1671, Vestfold´s only town. As well as being a commercial and shipping town since the Viking ages, Tønsberg renowned as a Hansa town and also as a whaling town.

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Prince Christians Battery, on the tip of Vallø, protected Norway´s only saltworks in 1808-14. The Battery together with cannons and cannonball oven was restored 1986-89. Guidet tour from 30.6.- 25.8. every Sunday starting at 12 noon.


Wooden chunch built 1782 for the Vallø salt-works. The church has a gallery with a royal chair. Both the building and the interior are in Louis XVI style. Everything is from the 1780's. At Vallø Church there is a memorial for 52 civilians who died when the allies bombed Vallø, 25th April, 1945. The bronze figure is by the sculptor Carl E. Paulsen and shows a mother trying to protect her child.

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