Sunday, August 01, 2010

Appalachian Heritage - literary magazine - writer's guidelines and dulcimer poems

Published by Berea College. Subtitle: A Literary Quarterly of the Appalachian South. Submission guidelines at ...
Appalachian Heritage is abjectly dependent upon unsolicited literary manuscripts and visual art, and we are enormously grateful to those who send us the fruits of their literary and artistic labors.

Our publication is a quarterly literary magazine of the Southern Appalachians. As such, we limit ourselves to material about our region or universal material by writers with strong connections to our region. Work may be historical or contemporary in nature.

Sure, we are Appalachian Heritage and we do appreciate the past, but we are a forward-looking contemporary literary quarterly, and, frankly, we receive too many nostalgic submissions.
"Mountain Modes: Seven Dulcimer Poems" by Jeff Mann - in Appalachian Heritage [Berea, Ky.], Summer 2006. In the same issue, this material about Mann:
  • "And They Thought He was Quare" - poetry by Parks Lanier
  • "Mountain Mann" - biographical sketch by Cynthia Burack
That's got to be the same Parks Lanier I knew in grad school at Tennessee. Last I knew he got a job out of grad school somewhere up in southwest Virginia.

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