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Mudcat Cafe thread on RESTORATION, "I will arise ..." etc.

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Gospel songs: a choice collection of hymns and tunes, new and old, for ... By Philip Paul Bliss (1874)

I will a-rise and go to Je-aus, He will embrace me in his arms,

arms of my dear Sav-ior, Oh, there are ten thousand charms.

. m W d

• ThiB chorus may be sung after each of the following stanzas, or as a response to " Come ye ■inncrs. poor anil needy," " Jesus sought me when a stranger/' etc.

It is one of the old-fashioned, camp-meeting " Spirituals," and well deserres a place among ■Qawu Sosas." l\ P, B.

1 Far, far away from my loving father,

I had been wandering, wayward, wild Fearing only lest his anger Overtake his sinful child. 2 Fain had I fed on the husks around me,

Till to myself I came, and said— " Plenty have my father's servants, Perish I for want of bread."

3 " I will arise, though faint and weary,

Home to my father I will go; Woe is me that e'er I wandered; Ah, that I such need should know I"

4 "Father, I'll say, I have sinned before thee.

No more may I be called thy son, Make me only as thy servant, Pity me, a wretch undone!" 6 Then I arose and came to my father- Mercy amazing! love unknown 1 He beheld me, ran, embraced me, Pardoned, welcomed, called me "son!"

Philip Paul Bliss

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