Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arkansas Traveler

Chet Atkins "Arkansas Traveler"
This old standard, is played by Chet here with SEVERAL variations! True virtuosity!

Arkansas Traveler - flatpicked guitar learning video by Sean RayArkansas Traveler is one of those cheesy, nursery rhyme tunes that's instantly recognizable. Like Wildwood Flower it lends itself well to crosspicking. On guitar the tune is most commonly played out of the C position with the capo at the second fret (key of D). However Norman Blake's classic version is in the key of C while David Grier capos it to the key of E.

Wil Maring - Arkansas Traveler
Wil Maring performs "Arkansas Traveler". This is a public domain instrumental that Wil wrote new words to.

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