Saturday, January 29, 2011

Primitive Baptist psalmody - Misc. notes

Good summary of folk hymnody in this headnote: Appalachian State. Hymnals and Hymnody in the Appalachian Collection -- A Bibliography
The Sacred Harp , Christian Harmony , Old Harp of Columbia , and Southern Harmony . Emphasis is placed on singing with emotion rather than a mastery of blend and vocal technique, although these tended to follow, the longer a group sang together. Many regions of throughout the South continued and further developed this tradition with its roots in New England. Out of the singing schools grew a tradition of "singing conventions" where people would bring their Harps or Harmonies and sing for hours and days at a time, usually after the crops were planted and before their harvest. Potlucks at the singing "dinner on the grounds" mixed socializing with the singings, and young singers fresh from recent singing schools were given an opportunity to try out their newly honed skills. Folk hymnody remains a rich and thriving form of folk music, but a field that is still little researched.

Beverly Bush Patterson

  • Old Hymns Lined and Led by Elder Walter Evans. [c. 1960] Recorded and produced by elder Lasserre Bradley. Sovereign Grace 6444 and 6057–6058. Two LPs.
  • Primitive Baptist Hymns of the Blue Ridge. 1982. Recorded by Brett Sutton and Peter Hartman; edited with booklet by Brett Sutton. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. LP.

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