Friday, January 21, 2011

Forest Green / Carl Daw's Canticle of Zechariah / lead sheet in Em Fmaj ** UPDATED ** w/ very nice guitar arrangement

Links at ... one of them, arranged by Bruce Benedict, has a leadsheet in E minor F major (What was I thinking when I missed it by that much!)

On YouTube, an Episcopal church in New Jersey with Vaughan Williams' tune FOREST GREEN to another Advent text ...

Advent Evensong Processional Hymn, "Forest Green"
Advent Evensong Processional Hymn
"O Promised One of Israel",
Tune: Forest Green
3rd stanza descant, David Willcocks
camcorded live 07 December 2008
1) O promised one of Israel by prophets long foretold,
We wait in urgency and hope to see God's will unfold.
The dark of night and cold predawn arouse our anxious fears.
Help us to see the light ahead through trials, doubts, and tears.

[2 more verses]
Church of the Redeemer, Episcopal
Morristown, NJ, USA

LATER (May 2014). Guitar arrangement with slightly different translation of the Benedictus uploaded by YouTube user Maureen Perez. The song of Zachary (Zechariah) is the Benedictus in the Gospel according to St. Luke. We used to sing it at commencement at Benedictine University Springfield, and it's one of my favorites.

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