Friday, January 27, 2012

Drømde mig en drøm i nat

According to Wikipedia, "Drømde mig en drøm i nat is the oldest known secular song in the Nordic countries, written around 1300. It is written in Old Danish and is included in Codex Runicus, a transcript of Scanian Law where it forms a final note. Like the law itself, it is written in runes, and the tune is written on two simple staves in an early form of musical notation."

At the Faculty House, Columbia University, Jun 19, 2011, Beowulf Consort. Hanne Ladefoged-Dollase, contralto; Frank Foerster, viola; José Luis Rodriguez, harp; Lawrence Zoernig, cello

At Lind­holm Hø­je Viking Festi­val, Ju­ne 2010, Krauaka, Ak­sel Stri­im, bowed ly­re, shawm, flu­tes & vo­cal; Gud­jon Ru­dolf, le­ad­vo­cal, jew's harp & percus­sion; Jens Vil­ly Pe­der­sen,​ ly­re, percus­sion, flu­tes & vo­cal; Sø­ren Ze­der­kof,​ bass.

Krauka and Kari Tauring - Kari Tauring and Drew Miller join Krauka to play the song Drømte. Tauring is from Minneapolis, webpage at It looks like Miller (?), at far right, is playing an Appalachian dulcimer in this performance.

Skyn, Wynde and Wyre [of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Hershey, Pa.] performs at the Vinland Games in the Shire-Marche of Blak Rose on May 8, A.S. XLV (2010 A.D.) Skyn, Wynde and Wyre is an inter-shire music group in the south western corner of the Kingdom of the East. The original piece is monophonic. The arrangement is by Doña Sol la Cantor.

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