Friday, January 20, 2012

Gärdebylåten - a Swedish gangar (and it's in D no less!)

Gärdebylåten med Flemming Fiol
Swedish tune played at a bar in Denmark. Posted by PikaBanditKat on YouTube: Fiol spiller på Kupeen i Nørre Åby [Nørre Aaby, a small town on Funen island in Denmark]. Flemming Fiol is stage name for Flemming Pedersen, a session player from Denmark. Description in Google translation

This background on the tune from Dan Lundberg's "Swedish folk Music - from village greens to concert platforms" on the Svenskt Arkiv website of Stockholm:
With the development of spelmanslag (fiddlers’ groups) during the 1940s, a new type of organised folk music emerged.

The most influential trend-setter was the Rättviks Spelmanslag whose signature tune, Gärdebylåten (The Gärdeby Tune) , became Sweden’s first folk music hit, thanks to the mass media. Through radio broadcasts and gramophone recordings Gärdebylåten became something of a national plague towards the end of the 1940s.
ABC file available on line at ABC Notation website:
|: FG \
| "D"ABAF ABAF | A2fe d2c2 | "G"BdBG BdBG | "Em"B2gf e2d2 | "A7"c3d c2B2 |
| A2g2 f2e2 |1,3 "D"d2de f2fg | "(A7)"a6 :|2,4 "D"d2fd "A7"Acec | "D"d6 :|
|: fg \
| "D"a4 fdfa | b2a2 g2f2 | "Em"g3e B3e | g2f2 e2d2 | "A7"c3d c2B2 |
| A2g2 f2e2 |1,3 "D"d2de f2fg | "(A7)"a6 :|2,4 "D"d2fd "A7"Acec | "D"d6 :|
Also as MIDI and PDF files.

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