Thursday, November 20, 2014

Diddley bows, cigar box guitars, KADC, etc. -- misc links

Information about the diddley bow I bought at the Knoxville Area Dulcimer Club's fall retreat --

From YouTube:

Seane Crews at the "Pickin' Porch." "Seane takes the occasion of a Hot Summer Night, and Makes it His! Playing everything from Mountain Dulcimer and Uke to his own "Cigar Box" Diddley-Bow! From Hymns to Blues and everything in between!!!"

[He plays cigar box guitar at 4:34 -- diddey bow at 7:21.]

* * *

Strothers Web Site -- Tom and Missy Strothers, of Cincinatti -- -- a lot of resources -- incl. tab (w/ quite a few E-minor Christmas tunes I wish we'd known about a month ago)!

String Gauge Calculator -- "You can use the form below to determine the most appropriate string to use for your dulcimer. Well actually this will work for any stringed instrument that uses typical steel wire. …"

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Med plank og strengar (trans. with plank and strings) Vegard Hjartholm, Sandane, Norway. in Norwegian (Nynorsk?) and English -- lots of videos -- plays bottleneck -- blog -- 2010 to March 2013

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See also on this blog.

KADC's website at Link here for: pictures and class notes from fall retreat; current playout list for KADC meetings.

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