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Misc. Chicago links and quotes: Psalmodikon in Chicago's Swedish American Museum; notes on first Swedish congregation in Chicago; "Swede town" on Near North Side

Excerpt from self-guided tour booklet at Swedish American Museum:

The foldable organ and music (Mönster Kyrkan, "The Model Church") were both donated by J.L. Hultgren.

On the wall hangs a psalmodikon, like the foldable organ, a portable instrument. Many religious congregations did not have a dedicated building in their early years, so they would use the parlors of their members for services and transport these instruments from house to house.

The psalmodikon has been called "the poor man's Organ" (fattigsmans orgel). The string is played with a bow; the notes are made by pressing on the frets.

The Dream of America: Swedish Immigration to Chicago. Self-guided Tour of our Permanent Exhibit. Chicago: Swedish-American Museum, n.d.

Eric Norelius quoting history of Immanuel congregation in Korsbaneret, 1881, which in turn quoted a letter from T.N. Hasselquist dated Monday, Jan. 17, 1853, narrating the formation of the congregation:

Yesterday morning I preached for the Norwegian congregation, and in the afternoon for the Swedes. At the latter I preached on 'Christian caution with regard to unfamiliar religious bodies.' After I had spoken a few words based on Jeremiah 6:16, Pastor Paul Andersen with a view to the important matters before us, offered a gripping prayer which brought tears to the eyes of most. Then both of us went within the altar rail and submitted to the Swedes three resolutions concerning organization, the basis of acceptance into membership, and the Lutheran character of the congregation. Members subscribed their names, a resolution was made to call a pastor, whereupon the service was closed with prayer, benediction, and the singing of Psalm (Hymn) 412:6 in the Swedish Psalmbok. (149)

Sung to tune of N:o 55

Vår tid är ganska flyktig här -- a new year's psalm,_o_Gud,_vår_tid_förgår

N:o 412, 6th verse:

O Gud! ditt ord och sakrament
Låt aldrig bliva från oss vändt.
Sjelf din församling skydda.
Vår kri steliga öfvhet
Gif helsa, lycka salighet;
Bevara slott och hydda.

Låt sist, O Krist!
Oss i friden, Rätta tiden
Til dig fara:
Evigt nyår shall der vara!

1892 psalmbook assigns to: (? -- [tysk], J. Svedberg, J.O. Wallin) -- parentheses and brackets in original, p. 289

Google trans.:

O God! your word and sacrament
Let never be turned back from us .
Herself protect your congregation .
Our crystal steliga öfvhet
Gifs healthfulness , happiness bliss ;
Preserve Castle and hut.
Let Finally , O Christ !
Us in peace, the right time
Til you go :
Eternally New Year der Shall be!

Title Chicago's 'Swede Town': Gone but Not Forgotten
Author Beijbom, Ulf

Publisher Swedish Pioneer Historical Society Date of Issue October 1964 Issue v.15, no.4 Extent p. 144-158

No really Swedish center has existed in Chicago since the disappearance of Swede Town. Neither the throng of Swedes who at one time concentrated at Belmont and Clark, nor the large colony around today's "Swedish Cor- ner" at Foster and Clark, has succeeded in creating the same genuinely Swedish milieu as that which, in the third quarter of the last century welcomed the tens of thousands of Scandinavian immigrants who came to Chicago, some to stay for good but some merely to find a short wayside rest during their historic trek to the colonization of a new land. (158)

Cite on Illinois State University Springfield: "For a description of Illinois State University, see Harry Evjen, "Illinois State University, 1852- 1868," Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, XXXI (March, 1938): 54-71; Paul M. Angle, "Here I Have Lived" : A History of Lincoln's Springfield, 1821-1865 (Springfield, 111., 1935), 202-3.

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