Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Augustana Synod as folk church -- miscellaneous references

Emory Lindquist. Shepherd of an Immigrant People: The Story of Erland Carlsson. Rock Island: Augustana Historical Society, 1978. The constitution emphasized the concept of a folk församling (a people's church) in contrast with ren församling (a pure congregation of believers) that was organized by Pastor Olof Olsson at Lindsborg, Kansas, in August 1869. ... The difference between {Carosson's church" and "Olsson's church" reflects the separate views of each pastor and the change in emphasis in some quarters of the läsare (readers) movement in 1854 and in contrast with 1869. (35)

n17, p. 39 For the implications of "ren församling" and Olof Olsson, see Emory Lindquist, Smoky Valley People ... pp. 25-32

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