Monday, August 08, 2016

Schedule for joint commoration of the Reformation Oct. 31 in Lund and Malmö

LWF General Secretary Martin Junge shares details about Lund, Malmö preparations

"From Conflict to Communion – Together in Hope” is the theme of the Joint Ecumenical Commemoration, which will be held in Lund and Malmö, Sweden, on 31 October. The event brings together Lutherans and Catholics from around the world to jointly commemorate the Reformation and look to the future. LWF President Bishop Dr Munib A. Younan, LWF General Secretary Rev. Dr Martin Junge and Pope Francis will jointly host the event. Lutheran World Information asked Junge how people can participate in the event and what the day means for him.

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The commemoration event will have two main parts. In the early afternoon of 31 October, a common prayer will take place in Lund Cathedral. The liturgy is based on the report From Conflict to Communion and its Common Prayer, which were jointly developed by Catholics and Lutherans. At the same time there will be an event in Malmö Arena. Those who are there will be able to follow a live stream of the common prayer at the cathedral. After the common prayer the hosts will move to the Arena and join the people gathered there to witness activities showing the commitment to common witness and service of Catholics and Lutherans around the world. Highlights of the joint work of LWF World Service and Caritas Internationalis will be shown, including care for refugees, peace building and advocacy for climate justice.

Attendance in Lund Cathedral will be by invitation only but up to 10,000 people can participate in Malmö Arena. Registration will be necessary and only those registered with tickets will be able to enter the arena.

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