Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Why the Irish Dance That Way" [or: What I did when I was supposed to be updating my notes for tomorrow's presentation]

Made by Zanita Films and Ardmore studios of Dublin - for an RTE competition in March 2005 ... it was overall winner with 3 other films.

Cast list at IMDb.com ... and this on choreographer Ronan Regan's website:
The short film Ronan choreographed, why the Irish dance that way (2006), was made for the RTE/Arts Council Dance On The Box series, Directed by Nick Kelly and produced by Seamus Byrne of Zanita Films. It was accepted by many prestigious film festivals, including Montreal, Sydney, Berlin, and Clermont-Ferrand. In June 2007 it was one of 9 shorts selected by New York's Museum of Modern Art for Shortfest: Outstanding Shorts from The International Festivals, and in March 2008 it won First Prize in the Chicago Irish Film Festival Jury Awards.

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