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"Martin Luther's hymns in the life of the Nordic people" -- bibliog. entry and 10-page summary

Ten-page English-language summary, by Karl-Johan Hansson, on Hymnologi: Nordisk Tidskrift website at

Bibliographical information, including list of multiple authors and abstract on MacEwan University library website:

Martin Luthers psalmer i de nordiska folkens liv/Die Lieder Martin Luthers im Leben des skandinavischen Völker/Martin Luther's hymns in the life of the Nordic people

Authors: Hansson, Karl-Johan
Selander, Sven-Åke
Harbsmeier, Eberhard

Source: Martin Luthers psalmer i de nordiska folkens liv: Ett projekt inom forskarnätverket Nordhymn
Language: Swedish
Document Type: Article in a collection of essays
Publication Type: Periodical
Publication Date: 2008
Subjects: Nordic countries
hymn societies, associations, fraternities, etc.--internat.
Accession Number: 2008-23610
Database: RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
Abstract: English: A summary of the organization Nordhymn's research project Martin Luther's Hymns in the Life of the Nordic People, carried out from 2002 to 2005. Themes studied included dissemination, theology, liturgy, teaching, music, and society and culture; each is discussed. Markus Jenny's Luthers geistliche Lieder und Kirchengesänge: Vollständige Neuedition in Ergänzung zu Band 35 der Weimarer Ausgabe (cited as RILM 1986-01174) was used as a starting point; of the 45 hymns contained therein, 39 appear in the Nordic tradition.

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