Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Spirit Like a River"

A favorite anthem of mine, handed out during choir rehearsal Wednesday at Atonement. Not sure when we'll do it, but rehearsing it will pick up the tempo of these three-hour Wednesday nights in Lent, with a soup supper and meditative service before choir practice.

Spirit, Like a River, by [John Parker and] David Lantz III. Published on Jan 12, 2015 Geneva Presbyterian Church, Laguna Hills, CA. Anthem, 2015-1-11 Chancel Choir; Eileen O'Hern, director; Charlotte Hsieh, piano.

Spirit Like a River, New Spirit Youth Choir. Uploaded on Apr 4, 2011 FUMC-Cary Youth Choir, 2011 choir tour, Alexandria, DC. [First United Methodist Church, Cary, N.C.?]. Testimony and music. Singing begins at 2:10.

Published by JW Pepper. Details at,-Like-a-River/10010907.item#.VQtPa0sspZg. I think it lives up to its blurb:

Your choir and congregation will love this vibrant celebration of the Spirit's power to flow into our hearts as living water, guiding us, reviving us, and nourishing our souls with God's grace. The opening two measures are a quiet, free invocation, and may be sung a cappella: "Spirit, like a river, flow in my heart." Then it abruptly shifts into a steady yet relaxed tempo, following the spirit's nourishing path, as the choir sings in frequent call-and-response. The rhythm accompaniment is a decided bonus, and your congregation will want to sing along!

Lantz' bio at He is a public school teacher and composer in Pennsylvania.

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