Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tunes to practice for founders' day workshop at Jenny Lind Chapel

Tentative playlist for morning session (04-05)
  • O Blessed Morn
  • Hit o Jesu -- Blessed Jesus at Thy Word 151
  • Prepare the Royal Highway
  • Den Blomstertid nu kommer

"Din klara sol." [Again the glorious sun doth rise.] "Din klara sol"; spår 13 från "Psalmer och visor på psalmodikon" med Stockholms Psalmodikongrupp. A quartet playing in parts.

Prepare the Royal Highway / Prepare the Way O Zion

Bereden väg för Herran - N:o 103 i Den Svenska Psalmboken. [Current, not 1819!] Psalmen är inspelad i Mariakyrkan, Växjö, tredje söndagen i advent 2010.

Den blomstertid nu kommer N:o 394

1 The summer days of beauty / in blessedness are come. / The flowers are rejoicing / to feel the gleaming sun / in grace arisen brightly / o’er fields of golden grain / so warm and all restoring, / that nature lives again.

2. The fragrance of the meadows, / the planting in the vale, / the whispers of the forest / through branches green and hale— / these wonders all remind us / how great the stores of wealth / of Him whose hand has made us, / who gives us life and health.

3. Oh, hear the sparrows praise Him / who taught them how to sing— / should not our tongues awaken / and thank Creation’s King? / My soul, take up the anthem / with God’s rejoicing throng / and praise the one who gives you / the lovely summer song.

4. O Jesus, noble Savior, / our source of warmth and light! / Oh, shed Your rays of mercy, / our hearts with love ignite. / When You have set them burning / with holy love for You, / then sin and death are buried / and everything is new.

5. My lovely Rose of Sharon, / come beautify my soul, / and pour the dew of Zion, / the grace that makes us whole. / The Spirit’s light refreshes / uplifting as the dawn, / and robes my soul in beauty / as fair as Lebanon.

6. Bestow abundant harvest. / Oh, bless the planted seed, / that meadows grow abundant / with wholesome grain we need— / oh, let us taste the sweetness / of Your undying Word; / let blessedness and mercy / be shining on us, Lord!

Source: Pierre Radulescu, Den blomstertid nu kommer, Updates, Live. 18 Dec. 2010.

"Blessed Jesus, at Thy word" --

Hit o Jesu, salmons vi, "The Augustana hymnal (1925) has Tobias Clausnitzer's words with a melody LIEBSTER JESU (No. 302) in D minor it attributes to Carl Wolfgang Briegel (1687). Same melody, in Em, in my copy of Johan Henrik Thomander Svenska Psalm-Boken Af År 1819 (No. 328).

Andreas Holmberg's blog Nätkoralboken at
has Psalm 328 in C minor and MIDI file under the heading Käre Jesus, vi är här (alt. koral) [dear Jesus, we are here (alt. chorale)] in a new translation that seems closer to the German…

Be not dismayed thou little flock

Gustavus Adolphus' Krigspsalmen, "Be not dismayed, thou little flock," is No. 378 in Wallin's 1819 psalmbook, No. 390 in the Augustana Synod's 1901 service book and hymnal.

Förfäras ej, du lilla hop --
Tune used in Haeffner's chorale book -- posted by YouTube user Jens Fredborg, played on piano w/ lyrics, in Swedish, of first stanza

The basics are in the Swedish edition of Wikipedia atörfäras_ej_du_lilla_hop:

Also the following:

  • "All hail to thee, O blessed morn"

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