Sunday, November 15, 2009

HUM 223 (optional!): Koncert z věznice Mírov / Blues in a Czech prison

Lubos Bena, a Slovak guitarist, and Matej Ptaszek, a Czech harmonica player and singer

Emily Yoffe,
"their performance was an uncanny channeling of Muddy Waters, Lead Belly, and other Delta greats. The rest of my group found them bizarre, but I loved the creative passion of two white men from Central Europe imagining themselves to be black musicians in the American South 60 years ago."

Their home page links to a video clip of their concert in Mirov prison in the Czech Republic. "The majority of the songs on this CD were composed by African American musicians from the south in America in prisons while sentenced to hard labour or while toiling in cotton plantations during slavery. The imaginery circle was closed when the songs literally returned to where they were born – to the authentic blues conservatory, where Bena and Ptaszek initiated spontaneous final jamming with the prison band Work Therapy."

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