Saturday, November 14, 2009

Misc. notes: Religiøse Folketonar CD; Sinikka Langeland concert, tour to promote new Bach CD; and program notes on Stjerneklang

Norwegian singer Sinikka Langeland on tour this fall with organist Kåre Nordstoga and viola player Lars Anders Tomter to promote a CD "Maria: Folk hymns of J.S. Bach." It is her fourth CD

Langeland is from the Finnskogen (Finnish woods) section of Norway, plays 15- and 39-string Finnish kanteles. Folk, especially religious folketoner, jazz and classical. Extended clip in concert at the Kennedy Center Sept. 27, 2007, backed by Markku Uunaskari on drums. The blurb:
Sinikka Langeland sings and also plays the 39-string concert kantele (Finnish table harp). She intertwines folksong, literature, and Nordic jazz to play songs that focus on the relationship between people and nature as it is expressed in traditional and modern poetry.
Also: Link here to an interview from the Washington Express during her 2007 tour and her home page at ... and the playlist from Stjerneklang by Sinikka Langeland Og Andreas Liebig and the CD Roots blurb, which is more informative.

A three-page PDF document (in Norwegian) on organist Andreas Liebig's website. He is organist at the cathedral in Oslo.

DE GAMLE JULESALMENE - Sinikka Langeland

Religiøse Folketonar by Ole Olsen Fykse Audio clips on Yahoo! Music website. Good blurb on CD Roots' Tal:ik records webpage (scroll down). "Born in 1879 in Fykse, Kvam on the north side of the Hardanger fjord in Norway. This is a collection of religious songs, sung a capella by Fyske in various locations, that exemplify the church music of the region form the early part of the 20th century. Excellent notes in English and Norwegian. " Field recording.

CD Roots and Tal:ik are both worth studying a little.

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