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Notes on 'Lovsynger Gud den Vældige, den Vise'

Can't track it down. But I found a Danish psalmbook (1819 edn. of the 1797 psalmbook of N.H. Balle, see below) called Evangelisk-kristelig Psalmebog: til Brug ved Kirke- og Huus-Andagt that checks out, i.e. has the song. In Google Books on a search for keywords "evangelisk kristelig psalmebog 446" ... this is the same hymn as No. 111 in the Norwegian chorale book I copied at St. Olaf ... "Lovsynger Gud den Vældig den Vise" ... text of No. 446 at pages 366ff. It has its own melody ("Egen Melodie"), according to the headnote in the Danish psalmbook.

Text (my transcription - I'm especially suspicious of my capital "U's" ... they may be A's ... and I had a hard time with the old-fashioned German letters anyway):
1. Lovsynger Gud, den Vældige, den Vise, Sovsynger Herrens Miskunhed! Hans Storhed alle Himlens Uander / prise Fra Evighed til Evighed. Men us han ogsaa er en Fader. Paa ham sign Mennesket saa trygt forlader. Saa vidner hver henrundet Aar, hver Morgensoel, som skisn [skiøn?] fremgaaer.

2. Vi sade for os et Leveaar hensvinde: O takker Gud, some gav os det! Fra ham kom hver en Dag, vi saae oprinde, Fra ham etnvert vort Uandedræt. Alt hvad vi ere, hvad vi hare, hver Trost, hvert Haab, hver Fryd var Herrens Save. End naar os kummer trykte ned, Vor Frelse var hans Øiemed.

Two more verses ... oh @#$%! why bother? They take up the rest of page 367, and I can find it online if I need it ...
I can't find this text in the Danske Salmebog online, suspect it's a new hymn in the 1819 book that didn't catch on with congregations.

Google has this info on the book:
Evangelisk-kristelig Psalmebog: til Brug ved Kirke- og Huus-Andagt
Danske folkekirke
0 Reviews
Trykt udi det Kongl. Vaisenhuses Bogtrykkerie og paa dets Forlag, 1819 - Reference - 672 pages
"Collecter, Epistler og Evangelier ..., " p. [483]-672.

1797 salmebog - N.H. Balle brought out a revision of Thomas Kingo's Danske Salmebog, according to Encyclopædia of Religion and Ethics (Volume 7), ed. James Hastings, John Alexander Selbie and Louis Herbert Gray. Their account of the book (p. 31) cites Pontoppidan's 1740 revision of Kingo, adds:
Another attempt in the same direction was made by N.H. Balle, bishop of Seeland, who in 1797 produced a revision of Kingo's book under the title Evangelisk-Kristelig Salmebog ('Evangelical Christian Hymn-book'). The attempt failed, however, because of the feebleness of the verse; and more than half a century passed before any real improvement was effected. This at length was brouhgt about, mainly through the influence of Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig (1783-1872) ...
What I take from all of this: The hymn didn't catch on and was quite forgotten after Grundtvig's hymns in Denmark and Ludvig Lindeman's in Norway changed the course of Dano-Norwegian hymnody. The survey of Danish hymnody in the companion to the Lutheran Book of Worship just says the 1797 psalmbook was unsuccessful.

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