Friday, July 09, 2010

"Musical fairytale" by a "post-folk band" from Latvia: I don't know what the video is all about, but I like the music

The photography, too ...

English title "Once Upon A Time." Musical fairytale by Dace Micane Zalite, Ilga Reizniece un Gatis Gaujenieks.

The blurb on YouTube is some help:
Now released also on DVD. An alarming run by two children through the center of Riga towards the Latvian Statue of Liberty. What is driving these children to run so early in the morning? What has happened?

In the meadow of Laima, the Goddess of Fate, flowers and medicinal plants combine their natural healing herbs in a communal tea to heal the injured Janis and Laima.
So I guess it's whatever you want to make of it.

The band is Iļģi ... which describes itself as a "Latvian post-folk band" ... started out as straight folk before independence, banned by the USSR ... more rock and world music orientation now ... here they are live at a club in Riga ...