Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Notes on strumming - jig, 6/8 time

Taken at workshops led by Stephen Seifert and Lois Hornbostel at Indiana Dulcimer Festival in Woodburn, Ind., July 17-18 ... and uploaded to the blog because I lose notebooks all the time but so far (knock on wood!) haven't managed to lose a computer even in the clutter on my desk. So I know I'll have the notes to refer to when I need 'em.

I don't know what "RF" stands for. Right _____? Maybe the "f" ought to be a "t." I make up my own abbreviations, and it doesn't always work.

Stephen (in another workshop, on chording): "I think if a musician doesn't play scales from the heart, they're practically useless ..." - SS fingerpicks scales [demonstrates, with feeling] - "To me it's real music."

Compare this with what an actor told the tourists in a Dublin pub crawl, as reported in a recent feature story headlined "Between the Jigs and Reels" in The Irish Times:
... the Ha’penny Bridge Inn assumes the air of a cosy speakeasy (albeit one bathed in evening sunlight). Here Trish [one of the two actors narrating the show] advises us to distinguish a reel from a jig by testing the rhythm to see if it mirrors the three-syllable “butterfly” (a jig in 6/8 time) or the four-syllable “caterpillar” (a reel in 4/4 time). A veteran of Lord of the Dance , Trish is a fiddler with a colourful history and deliciously gossipy tales of life on the road with the Flatley entourage.

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