Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Across the Blue Mountains" - bluegrass version by Monroe Crossing band from Minnesota

Monroe Crossing has lyrics at and a sound file linked to the home page(click on "on the air" link). Lyrics are in the public domain. Their version isn't as hyper as most bluegrass bands.

See also the biography of Paul Clayton ... The song has what's got to be one of the finest mother-daughter dialog bits anywhere:
One morning, one morning, one morning in May
I heard a married man to a young girl say
Go dress you up pretty Katie and come go with me
across the Blue Mountains to the Allegheny.

I'll buy you a horse, love, and a saddle to ride
I'll buy myself another to ride by your side
We'll stop at every tavern, we'll drink when we're dry
Across the Blue Mountains go my Katie and I.

Well, up spoke her mother, and angry was she then
Saying,, Daughter, oh dear daughter, he's a married man
And there's young men a'plenty more handsome than he
Let him take his own wife to the Allegheny.
But they ride off together in the fourth stanza.

Also a
"Across the Blue Mountains: An Appalachian and Adirondack Field Trip" by Gwilym Davies ... who collected the song from Colleen Cleveland, 37, in 1997 from in New York state and said, "This song was first noted by collectors in Arkansas in 1959. It has since become popular in folk-singing circles in the USA and the Cleveland family may well have learnt the song through this route. The second verse links the song clearly to the British High Germany. The Allegheny mountains are part of the Appalachian chain."

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