Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lutheran contemporary worship music links -- (with bonus track, "We come now to the hungry feast ...")


Bonus hymn: "We Come to the Hungry Feast" by Ray Makeveer (WOV 766, ELW 479)

  • Lutheran Contemporary Music Resources. Victoria _________, pastor Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Steelton, Pa. Blog post "... that I hope will be particularly useful for Lutheran pastors who are either trying to make a foray into the world of contemporary Christian music, start contemporary services, or who are trying to get their congregations to rock out with their Bach out." "Lutheran Contemporary Music Resources," Lutheran Moxie, Aug. 30, 2012.

  • True Vine Music! "Our mission is to provide Christ-centered, Biblically-grounded, contemporary worship songs for the church. We provide original congregational worship songs on many themes including Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and the Liturgy." [LC-MS]

Heard "We Come to the Hungry Feast" for the first time (at least the first time I was paying attention" in the traditional service at Peace Lutheran this morning. It's not Christian contemporary -- sounds almost like an American folk hymn, nice and melodious. Reminds me of Marty Haugen's liturgies, definitely a keeper.

Ray Makeveer a campus pastor at the University of Minnesota and music director at Lutheran churches in the Twin Cities, wrote it in 1984 for use in a communion liturgy. Sheet music (from ELW) at

Mary Munson, church musician of Camano Island, Wash., recorded the hymn for her choir at Camano Lutheran Church, as an aid in learning the tune. She has quite a few hymns, mostly from the ELCA's "cranberry book," Evangelical Lutheran Worshop, on her YouTube channel, plus occasional cat videos, including a piano transcription of Sergei Prokofiev's cat melody from "Peter and the Wolf." You can tell she has cats!

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